2171239d1bd4963e1b017132aea2c013observe this shadow,

up there before me,

chasing my shadow,

shadow chase me,

hide me a shadow,

inside a shadow,

shadow in me

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Old Scripture (tear stained lettuce…)


legumeHistory is a  nightmare

forget to learn it

Put in your pocket

Retrieve in one hundred years

if you remember that is

Have a real good laugh & cry

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Hibernating in Damascus



Sense and fear of dying year;

dry naked weathered boughs,

shade damp amber fall.

A cruel clinical eastern wind

Eviscerates, then

sets fire to Summertown,

petrified eye witnesses

crawl back underground

and hide in readied

fumigated demi-rooms

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How tim(e): Flu




Will(ye) he or won’t he(yo)

(s)even minutes to fill (in)




galleons up path


next door garden


bubsy plump (courgette)

brunette (once a Princess)

(sails billow)


Sashay (imp)




occl’ock  oot (ta space)

Big: Aud(rey)-dyna (murphy)






Erik (a) Satie

Seek peace (here’ll do pro-tempo)

& (furthermOREover)



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Small Brown Loaf



Small minded? Mind made small, caged in, malnourished, smirched, lank
The loop games slept through last night until the nocturnal screamer started up

Broods and modest flocks peruse the evidence with fine-toothed combs, displaying unnatural penchant for forensic deduction

Pole cats who think big rarely make it
The tell tale signs of cupidity give rise to cause for concern

Flawed methodology must never be ruled out
Make sure when you smash it you give it one hundred and ten per cent

Leave all of it out there on the track
Always be mindful of sunken corduroy turnpikes

Spoilt for choice at the postern gate
Never yield to incessant misfortune

Nearly time to scratch your forearms blackberrying
When was that time the toad winked back?

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defective alternator
oh so smart technology
Quiz machines give up the ghost
Slope sullenly past joke shops
Magna carta hardly worth
This beermat it was written on
Cheap shot Modigliani
Horseface O’Hooligan
Simples McPherson, & good Queen Mob
Make up committees
Echoes drift down soggy corridors
Torched transit vans remove
Airport bereavement loungers
Fugees allover unknown world
Rumble through Hugh Grant’s bloomers…




SerioUs wRiters

mOst(ly) dEad rich (or) hideous

giVe mE the WillieS

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Fred Carno’s Circus



Show on road? No…

Isolated blizzard,

hail, frog rain, bubonic plague, GPI,

These and sundry vilenesses

prevent Lifter Finger & Hans Turn

Fulfilling promises of gardening.

A pluperfect spring morning

wasteland of historic neglect

disgrace my spiffing gaze.

The road to oblivion is paved

with claptrap and obliquy.

Nothing comes of nothing


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unClear tHeRmO wAr(ph)f ayRrie:

crows - claudia mcgill


elecToral fAll ouT                                                                                                                     (eXtreme fey HoovaH-                                                                                                                         aTishoo! At issUe!!                                                                                                                                                  A Tissue!!!)
settEes gently All


(my HUt-n-TutT)
conStructive nOiseS                                                                                                                                                        (OMnes F-oFF!)
ecHoes in…

e.c. O’sHambles
scRumPLed Sand’s                                                                                                                                                         tOneD disneYlunTs
deR phoney war isT uBer
eLeveNth houR

underwEggs fu:r


voleSoul sLaughter

Sleep Daphnia



Are you in a gourd place, a worth thee situation?

Culmination: Dulcimer Concerto with Verbs

If not, how not? Where are you? How are you? What is to be done?

Let me be & let me live!

            In bed, in pain, in doubt, idling,

worrying, resisting, defying, ignoring,

avoiding, suffering, tormenting, confusing…

            Sofa so good. Comfy sofa. Groovy duvet.

Womb somewhere. Luvverly.

Somewhere baby.


Love glow: glove snow

Melt and moult.

Go Hen woman.

Cool and crispen oven…

Go, go, go-go

Pen woman…

Return to Zenda

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a hundred years of attitude


many any adverse airy
enough to question zeitgeists 
risk complicates rage
not worthy of the dribble
lavished on slum occupants


Daisy Lingers On…





—a coalition of crackpots, by gum!
Well Would you Adam & Eve it?
Irony ladies morphing into ragdolls
before your bleary eyes
denies defies all common sense, she sighs.
It ought not be allowed, she bled.
Curtains shut below but not above,
marked down by the mental sentinel
‘Must have Gone to Hull in a Handcart
hijacked on the run in Kingdom come’
or caught red handed
counting fingers in the till
Golden City of tiny lies,
Pottersville emits more heat than light
ominous stench of ordure
So who was it scared the horses?
All enemies are liars
I am an enemy
Cogito ergo summer suit
Pass me a government
I think there’s one in my rainbow
Shunshine & showers wee small hours
Aha! Red biddy bam a lamb
It’s a blunderful midwife
This should never have happened
To us Old Etonians, they say
As June provides an end to May—







—Burnt out, or so you say. All burned out. Dried up, but like what—wadi or toast, candle or storm? Where there’s life…where there’s life. That’s what they always say
—Toast it is then: crusty brown wholemeal toast burnt black, iffy thermostat…
—Not bad, not bad at all
—No heart & soul mind you
—Husky, though, even a little dusky (ha-ha)
—Coffee brown roasted funnel dregs
—Still damp!
—Left out when the sun was at it’s…
—Wow…that is real burnt!

The plague years, they said, burn themselves out.
A peculiar variety of auto da fe
It would seem to have been
Quite Divinely ordained.
Fire starter & hosepipe; belle, bookie, & candelabra!
Have they been moving that furniture around again?
Yes. They never stop it.
so much so sunshine & showers
seldom clash these days.
So well do they behave themselves.
And clouds no longer burst.
Not since many a long year.
Dry as salvages we are:
Mesos, stackpoles, arid drumlins…
Lithographs remain,
mere shadowplays, traced on pre stressed concrete,
splashes on toppled sarsens, drizzle on banished dolmen…
sure it’s better than nothing, anything’s better than:
‘That’s what they always say’






False start, phantom urges,

torpid orchid, shy to leave.

Back down, board the junk,

Jesternista, caught a crab,

choppy weather, flayed on blether,

sever Trevor, war not love,

H-bomb ambrosia,

cream the pesky varmint rice.

Ring the changes, ding-a-ling.

There’s a thing. Hell’s got bells!

Jesus wept, overslept,

missed the bus, succubus.

Train to Darksville,

never late, never late, never late…

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When Epidurals Take Stock



Stumbled, hugged, slurped,

puffed the grizzly, mizzly

still born grim morn

Away with the furies,

the septic harpies,

the skivvying puggled blurb,

the chivvying, nagging

behemoth of claptrap and piffle

squatting in my gnomic canyon.

The limescale crumbles line the mug

The unicorn dismantles the cradle

The dish does away with the spoon.

Everyone chips in when

Push comes to shove

At the heel of the hunt

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‘What you want’s is a kick shit


Said Sal

‘What you needs is

A cretinous creditor!’

Sal said as

I listened in silence

‘Love me Daddy, do’

Life’s full of compromises.

We smiled.

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Contrary opinion

urges surgeons disembark

the good ship selfie

& comprehend I & I

made of space uncuttable

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inside drag’s ragged hedge
fledgling woot suits sibilant
on saxophones edge
‘Each one counts’
‘yes, of course it does: each
And every one counts one more

Bold Turkey



A Prial of poems

about giving


using cigarettes

as a metaphor.

Smart, uh! Believe me!

I’m a Vicar

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Now…Where was I?



Dark morn sings heavy pox since muse took
some vital dive and ate my words
Sure, some got rescued by  tree beast and now it
dwells in silly mode

a link and the easy magic
rolling from bed to let my thoughts and
dreams is done and gone. Now, morning is just
me, the kettle, a microwave, and the
coffee pot and I better get used to it.

Thus, today is a new same old as I
take coffee and drugs and head upstairs
by Tardis to the muse with black keys and
switch on the shipping forecast and the yarn.

Now, where was I…

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(Oak Lock)



Chan g e (…d)

IN t o


T u l i p

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The Golden Age of Scuba



Happy is the man who can bear the things he cannot change – Schiller

Each time insurgent

Wind surges spank opulent

crimson drapes and naughty

gusts arouse dormant

gooseberries on exposed,

soft wanton thighs all sigh


chocolate ground juice

breaches ripe knapsacks,

glibly squirting,

soiling deep plush pile rug.


garish cushions we float maculate:

spoiled flotsam; jetsam of anarchy,

Two headed orphans

scowling quadrophrenes

brazen twisted Sisters scream.

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PrickLy heAt




Approaching six ye olde bells
From an obtuse crimson angle
Poised to emphasize
birdsong unfurling charcoal
lamp light found flagging
old stone rolls over moist
Far distant dawn horizon
Difficult it is to view
The world disappear
From more of a distance
Than I do at present—
David Hume wrote that just once
While dying before
Social media cropped up
In the blink of an eye
At the press of a button…
Quite out of the blue
Extends as far as
the third eye can see

start the week with off
an epic why not
see a fine lady upon
a white horse called Uffington
over the style follow the path
sidestepping all the sheep shit
till you come on an eye socket
full of wastepaper
and suburban terrorists
dropping crap in droves
on this hill of ancient times
traffic jam & Jerusalem
lacking investment
except for more golf courses
built by subhuman eyesores
say let’s call it Bunker Hill!





Clunk it went when

Night fell

The hobnail in the stairwell

Since my booting accident

I can’t hear night fall

At all

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Ghost Fish Supper




Nightsoil  fall out lingers on
black pudding, slumberland sausage,
cold bacon buttie
Twenty-two slaughtered in Manchester blast
Why should that
having never sown they reaped
mad global whirlwinds?
blows someone some good i s’pose

Good day to bury bad news
surmise sardonic undertakers—
perish such notions from your
oh so pretty head
Or we’ll send the girls round
to sort you out this time for good

Okay, okay give way hope
Suspend jaded disbelief
Harbour ghetto reservations
Not even they could stoop so low—could they?
Seeds of doubt scattered
A plenty over fertile land
Stranger things have happened
Down the ages of human perfidy
Slaughtering our innocents
In the name of a rose



Imaginary engine noise
Imaginary squashed grape:
Families of hyenas
Squabble over intestines
slope off lipsmacked cackling
—ugly little mind you have
Grimbeau’s fairy tells tales of
Tasteless psychodramas
Mindless giggly violence
grotesque cartoonerama
Johanna & Barbara
Nimble Fred Quimby
Wild Tex Avery
Occupied playful children
Swooning after bully school
Penning poison posts
encrypting codes of conduct
to proscribe future events
self fulfilling propheteers….



Imaginary engine noise


Imaginary squashed grape:

Families of hyenas

Squabble over intestines

slope off lipsmacked cackling

—ugly little mind you have

Grimbeau’s fairy tells tales of

Tasteless psychodramas

Mindless giggly violence

grotesque cartoonerama

Johanna & Barbara

Nimble Fred Quimby

Wild Tex Avery

Occupied playful children

Swooning after bully school

Penning poison posts

encrypting codes of conduct

to proscribe future events

self fulfilling propheteers….



By Grimbeau

“Your universal joint’s gone west,

its serious,

I’ll do my best.”

He frowned.

The tension was killing me

so I kicked it off

hard in the nuts.

It bolted.

You could not see its heels for dust.

“I’ve cracked it!”

exalted the wheelwright

straightening up.

“You had pre-stressed oil:

now you ain’t.”

I danced with joy,

it started raining.

The rain dance

is the only

dance I know.

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noIses ofF




ickle blue flowers
freckle privet hedge-walled lawns,
postage stamping ground
indiscrete neighbours natter
revealing deep deep shallows
concerned by sleazy kid-stuff,
cuss dustpan groaning agony as it sweeps, hovers, circles
drifting in & drifting out of giant confidential trees, fed on
squirrelled snippets, tasty morsels of carnal chicken nuggets,
positions now untenable,
unrequited lusts
& shrivelled cold roast potatoes,
Doors slam shut the it’s indoors
Assuage vituperation’s quenchless thirst
Swill down viprous vodka and
tucking up time in gross grandma slang…
tomorrows will always be
better when you go about
schizo, dizzy, fizzy, thrill packed lives, leaving us remaining
snoopers to wait & warp & wait while getting better every day
in every way in body if not mindfulness…

SaDDle SnOres…


Icy blue tooth midnight

piebald cobalt crystal spurs

weather maps depict it

switch blade knife sharp leaf

eviscerates crisp

punk sepulchral dawn


After pork roast Leaf dropped off

dumbstruck fair three hours

woke to find the same before

wooden stair to Bedfordshire


May Come September…




Mud found in third eye
Oversight on your behalf
Foot in mouth disease
Calamity Jane holds up
the Deadwood Stage for kicks





wheelchair soaks up rays
lazy riot violates
afternoon slum boy
crept off tippy toes
just to drop you off these lines
take the chance on the quiet
while next door life is put to rites
she you understand
could easily have booked up
that restaurant by herself innit
nice to get a bit of sun on the skein
no matter what you may say
struck by Misericordia
just for laughs you understand
of course you do now
you remember what happened
the time before and
the time before that
now you come to mention it

eavesdroppers will
be persecuted by grommits
tinnitis & mice

walking is waiting
at a pedestrian pace
sitting is waiting
as a sedentary pace
which is no pace at all
running is wishing
for a simple life
far from the muddling crud

Mistah Trufflepockets Strikes Again




Sulksville dribbles beige
Dixie Jazztime in Valhalla·
Them posh hush puppies
Just aint working out·
pains crowd herd lower nexus·
memories flood joyful play
bring tears over years·
dat ole man blubber·
he just keeps mooching anon…






Slice up bloody oranges

two four six eight sanguine smiles…


aluminum aluminium

lapis lazuli corpus


sink top

lays down cool pedestrian

altar piece groove

sacrifice limbs & digits


deafly unwielding rustic

ludic breadknife

to serrate jagged

bedraggled Sevillians


garish gumshield

quartered segments

skin & pith intact

snaffled up cutish

tense borne by bent paw

over chasmic chasm


The sure chariot passes

Imperious, regal, sublime

above vile

sundry understuffs

Abysmal  unmentionables,

Microbial, teeming tootsies

strewn obscenely

About the titan grey floor


swaddled one of my heads in

bindweed, strangulating

taut lime shoelace gristle,

heat seeking drowsy

missile, destination



amygdala sun spot

erupts in symmetry

down in dingly dell




Six (eventide in I trust)
Grapewater bombs burst
Shaking densest undergrowth
—olive dark gloss blubs
Green lilac preens, cushioned bramble
Shakes it off like sorrow
Enlivened torso swells
Deuterium showers gel
From a dry spot running water
Fills an aluminium basin
Drain clogged up by scraps
Dirty spoon spadework

Want! What do I want?
Came as a shock clean out of
Pretty much nothing
Like an asteroid
Fairly blew me away though
In the blink of an eye
Shadow of what was
No not a shadow
There is no sunlight

Write about something
What…& there’s food
Food sighs lists mean choices
Think imagine remember
Something nice on offer
Stock answers ten years
As if I can remember
After that deluge

The Surgical Spirit of Joy



More murky murk

Mufti wades through grey

Morning Match of Day

No blocked beds

Must scrub up

Ready for Theatre

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Trumpy McTrumpface

Trumpy McTrumpface stood on a wall
Trumpy McTrumpface sped to a fall
All the Thing’s Horses
& All the Thing’s Men
Will not put Trumpy
Together again…


No witness

was made available

To participate

in the witness protection


Fish fled for the coast

Mendacity stalked the land

Never criticise

what you don’t understand

Pull the other one

Britain should leave Britain





Candle on, rain shrewd,

meat pie and two veg,

suppress urge to chew,

black and white movie:

Séance on a Wet Afternoon

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(Ger) splat! punk severn zum eleven
(neiLs BoRe)…& so on & so forth all long legrooM
Punctuated sous: bouts of mictuRition,  coffee de foi’ graze
atom puff & gripe water, sucks on sparse menthol vape, meandering
through cruel channel & guides in search of?
Something beyond my control—I am not
Who I was & am what I am·(?)
Winzerschlafenziet they call it sometimes
In obscurantist circles:
Crimson sheets barely tell untruth
blue tip of the icebreaker snides
Crashing through pack mice whinging
& all night teleshopping seeing the sea breaking up…


Most Peculiar Twelvemonth

Midnight Lamp


Barney wags its tail

Immediately aware

Good dog got bad name

Chance of snowfall further south

Undercarriage dandruff fleets

Breezily past window

Blowin all away

In the windy wind

The Mork & Mindy wind

Most peculiar twelvemonth

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Churching the Fish



It’s quarter past four…

The last machine is

Nearly done spinning

‘Beware of the hums’

The Ice-cream man Comet

Some shit by Mozart

The day’s getting grey

A white cabbage patch

Butterfly avoids

An insistent barrage

‘The hums are dumb, son’

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Parched Earth Policy




Midday at the oasis
Watched civilisation end
No milk came today
Eleven o’clock onslaught
Autonomous movement
Of the non-living
Equestrian statuettes
Prance macabre pirouettes
Strung out on redeye
Monday teatime debacle
Pollutes dusk’s tranquility
High time for a shower
Contribute to drought





Bravado, bravura, gusto, pesto, Monte Bisto…
Playthings of the Western World
Cocky. That’s the word—
Panache & aplomb
I grant you, rarely palatable
in very small doses.
Turn off, drop in, chill out…
Clive James back on the acid
Tongue-lashing vitriol
Not a pretty sight!
I’m late, I’m late; for
a very important date
sea change in self-esteemery
clinging onto flimsy scenery.

Sprinkle of
nacreous sky soot,
scant exotic powdering,
brisk flurry of snow
more like dusting or sprinkle
alpine dandruff—
air pollution probably
(thine first exchange of the day—
four hours just being in time,
pottering, sitting, staring,
listening, scribbling, smoking,
stretching, worrying, sighing
catching myself on

Doing me incidentals
mindful after the fashion—
boring ‘ere innit?

What you got?
Home entertainments
To pass away
Spend time with
Total abandon…
Snow, Snow, Snow…
Silhouette lighthouse strobes
Quick, quick slow flashes
Edward Schismhands
Working double quick, quick slow
The Sabre Dance delivers me
Into lofty ruminations
Shaggy dog stories
Fake Jews, Sheiks & Soundbites

Is you fit for public consumption? Yes
Would you pay to read it? No
So why mention it?
Kills time I suppose
Inbetween pressing engagements
With banality, frippery, frivolity
Vive la Brac-a-Bric!





Starving. Neck

aches bad despite analgesics, just Poll this morning.

Did crap.

In a heavy head. Read a chunk

of nodule, looked things up.

Caecuban triumph plonk!

Salian piss up.

Forked tongued

double Dutch caps Cleo’s aspic act. Horace Norris changes trains of thought.

After eggs and passing clouds drowsy.

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Car-Goes Rip




Whooo o o sH!
s-Sou’ wester bell owS

quiNnquireme galley
Oil laMps dervish wildly
funk embracEs golden hunks
Red jelly oOzes…

soupspill orates Orestes
Splo Ooos h a H aha!
Scalding hot boIling pot
Fair stood fair Viol aH
Sinister unidexters tweak
gO-oglies & chinAmensch

spin delirious yarnsees

A Bernie* for Buck House
Queenie gets to stay
& as for the rest—
Make ‘em an offer
dat day cant refuse*

beware geeks leering gits

*One million pounds sterling (Bernie Eccleston size bung*)
*Sweeteners, inducements, gift-horses

Old Script (tear stained letter)


legumeHistory is a  nightmare

forget to learn it

Put in your pocket

Retrieve in one hundred years

if you remember that is

Have a real good laugh & cry





2171239d1bd4963e1b017132aea2c013observe this shadow,

up there before me,

chasing my shadow,

shadow chase me,

hide me a shadow,

inside a shadow,

shadow in me



Eye saw
sea stall



unsure sea 


on the sea

tip top
gift shop

on the sea


Flawed Claude (the colour lampshade…)



He’s up, he’s up…

he’s down again

Like a yoyo,

a rat up a pump

Or a fiddler’s elbow

Not coming

Nor going

Just up to…


Flawed Claude (the colour lampshade…)



He’s up, he’s up…

he’s down again

Like a yoyo,

a rat up a pump

Or a fiddler’s elbow

Not coming

Nor going

Just up to…


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