So and how so-so

Softly proceeds dawn’s

Gossamer thin sleek sable void

Chortling, disturbing awaiting appetites

The bashful sound of dull annoyance

The trebled tones of crass arrogance

Rehearse a merry tune, whistle

Aged old, traditional mad

Dogged malfeasance.

Resistant to doldrum’s

dreaded drudge routine’s

serving dense demanding dross






all alone in the moonlight

Plays on my mind like hell

In the late afternoon

Doors open and close

The summer wind’s got up

After a well ernt lie-in


The Waistband!

I am trousers

I am rolled

because my occupant is old


Jack Head

Children are silly,

So Jack solemnly told me

Sat on a graffiti rock

Chin plinthed on six year old wrist,

That’s why grown-ups just get pissed

Shaven Raven

Shaved! Shaved!

I’ve got shaved

Shaven purple billiard ball

Big baby’s pink bum

Smooth as smoothness is

Sheer unadulterated bliss

Kiss, kiss, kiss

Kiss this!

Restless in Torpor

Mired in the mud

tangled up in weed and briar

groping about in

a wood full of trees

twisting the night away

knotted in a sheet

covered in cold sweat

busting for a piss

waiting for the sun

to get me out this


Sucked sponge bone dry

Wilderbeast’s jawbone

Dry horse latitudes

Angels seek refuge

Gloating fears & loathings

Condemn another

Slice of chance to death



After buggery and mild pinky-purple thwelts

Comes spillage dribbling

Dripping on my spank new Woolworth’s pumps

‘Where’s me dribblerag?

Are you away with Spalpeen?’

My lost and virgin childhood arse

Was bleeding from my ah-ah hole

Which was personal to me

And the rest of us poor sods

Getting what I’m getting at?








Puggled muddled fugged

So beguines respirate deep

Lush capacious yawns

Turn wishful thinking

Non-imaginary slumber

So Nightdream drops off

As daydream takes over


Wild pure violet

Mocks chaotic undergrowth

Softens jaded knaves

Makes blind rambling fools

Cease galloping delusion


Iron blue rimes super

elegantine spiral

crook limelight

finest lime, finest lime

go observe! yes, you!

carouse saker falcons

lick orgiastic chug:

bicycle parking’s provided

As Jasmin wafts in Obtuse

leaden burden sighs

too overly familiar

onerous chatterbox

clueless lingering

playing at bewildering

fingering moonscape scar tissue

a farce of threadbare

sackclothed habit

starts me up from

overwhelming reverie

Molten Puddle

Under the weather

all is lullsomeness

exhausted heaped swooners

warmly coil in oily gloop

Feather stone fins

Goose marble turpitudes

Woozy plump rain plops

Sleepless sweat wet sky

Rumbles crumble eastishly

Bamboo tropical languor

Erupts through cracked porch

Elevating the ustalant

Slumberer to greater heights








Lost in Translation

defensive & hostile

never listening to your

parental commands

Beachbum (For Bronwyn)

Last night

a golden orb

in midnight indigo

lit doggo beach ball

candle splash automatic.

Start! Jump frenzy. Up!

Just a skylark in the dark

A shadow grounded

In belief and dreams drowned

Peer group laughing

definat bogus

Empires of deceit


Shirtless in Tazar

they galumphed

 eatraordinary warmth

Melted in sad succour

Marshmallows on toaststed souls

gazed on panoplies of zonk

Breathless sanguine

gross turpitudes

Rustic Lama

prone alert god

basking scrumpled in seed grass

melts gold leaf sun

dreams of the run

scampering last evening

dumb flounder, scoundrel stray

easy busy summer antic hay

wild dreamscapes frolic

buzzball spangles make mad play

pause scandalous figary

gathering bright ideas

crazed dandelions

The Canning Job

The factory lost its allure,

its je ne se quois.

The people were much the same,

just a few  keen new strivers

optimistic about their chances,

but that was okay by me.

No, the magic had gone.

Life’s like that

from time to time


She tried so very

hard to die

to die so hard

she died

Semi Remy







Above in mucky plywood fascia

house martins twerp replete with breakfast grubs.

The radio bleats about passionate endeavour

provided by an engineering degree,

flamingo dreams of radiant love trysts

kissing seasalt eternity ominously

poised on the bow of the Titanic.

A special happy prospect.

Fate is in your hands

A qualified mechanic



Phew, that was close run race.

Nearly did something worthwhile

Till I came to my senses.

Let me tell you straight

The terror was tangible, tangerine, terrible.

Now it is over I can

return to Furplefarple Land

rest easy better in my bed

than this red sweater does

but cobalt and magenta

are in the wash

and so is

a frozen chicken

Punk Poet

…like a sub without an urb

A town without a centre

A blurb without a verb

A daughter called Placenta

An anthem to mundanity

Where chickens dance like mascots

And fuck their best mate’s bird

Rent out time shares in Damascus

Own a cat that’s never purred…


Eternal prisoners

Far wandering souls

Glowing phosphor essences

Cheap tricks of the light

Shadows of evening

Ever receding

Memories of you

Bony Joni Genius

Cantankerous harridan

scultpted neolithic jaw

face  plentifully overstuffed

angel voiced choir


‘never judge a cover by it’s book

we all stand alone together’

Zak Mould

Still farting around

unsettled, fidgety,

detached, remote?

Then go take Dump!

Tick the Box!

Sign out!


Hazy murk soon spreads,

dampens the daylight,

giant hogweed encroach

harbouring malicious intent


You to blister, to paralyse,

to analyse stragglers,

scantily clad day-trippers,

pale gormless nudists,

innocent blithe minors,

demented wayward majors.



Normality is resumed at last.

The regular service

The bland repast.

A strict diet of worms and woodlice.

The occasional festive

peppering of capers.

Stuffed Olives if you’re lucky.


So, go Squawk

Scrabble and squabble

for scraps cooped up in your hovel.

Grovel for a drop to drink

acknowledging your unworthiness

with ingratitude and contempt.

Break Out Day

Vibrant dawn dazzles

Pitch bone slate lamp nightdreamers

Eyeblink shadows flit

Earlybirds dart brisk alert

Incanted day arrives

Perfect golden light

Rakes tree leaf and bark

Hope springs all prisoners

Mother Worth

See her swinging

Her stark agenda

Brenda the Bonzai

Smoothing lamb

Whistling avocado dips

through Aubergine lips

Punk pastel smoke grey light

Gives cover to vultures

Stuffing pitta pockets

Full to bursting

With faberge nosegays

Others grab shawls for

Obscene daughters

But Brenda

Agenda bender

Mate of Zenda

Stands firm

Gives no truck

Not a tuppenny fuck

To the down by luck

The money lender

Runs begging to Brenda



They’ll bite your bum, the posh, the scum

& leave you blistered, black and brown

seeking out asylum


killing smiles say voodoo child, say wait a while

redacting files the crocodile smiles

mumbling quick ‘I’m sorries’


to what? to whom? the empty cell

the vacant room, closer to the tomb than womb

gazing at the morning


Afternoon sister

Leaning dogs snore gentle tunes

Whispers shudder warm

A Busy Schedule

Today I shall drink nettlejuice

Lick and kiss dock wine flutes

Hiss sharp bliss, chew thumper bap, ooze Lollard grunge

Make steady progress to embrace

A beggar never sacked just

Falsely accused

A trumped up gluepot of chimera


Perfidy dishonours advertising

Four dour horsemen get bushwhacked

By renegade chimps in titfers

Another perfect virtuous circle


Enough is enough

Sad facts are to be faced up

Like stained cracked mirrors

as when sun subsides

or when

all days are none



Take Funf



On a stick

An ashplant

We all rest a while

With a smile

And some guile

‘bout the road before

Think a while

For a while

When our mind

Has gone



We may smile







Bird has got to fly

Poets gotta sing

the truth

Maya angelou

Sang to me sotto voce

Like a freebird that

Could not give

a damme

Or an irish



A wigwam



To John Coyote ( whomsoveveryoumaybe)



charlie chaplinlove once blessed you

it once blessed those  you met you

where is next to go?

the filtered wind wind

of desire of love

cavernous genorosities





Be-bop ( kiss!), love

hey! american writers out there

why are you so stuck up so on yourselves?

no freedomblues

no bluesudes shoes

( here comes the graphic!)

break it down

make it right





seasonal despair

annihilation is dead

hope springs diurnal

The Ashes



The woman at the next table

passed me the ashtray

with a kind and understanding smile.

I poured myself in with gusto.

I do not care for the one

with the mean grimace and fixed gaze.









Bribed my memory

To serve me well for a while

Let’s see what happens

The Swim



Refugee bodies

Respectively estimated

Around two hundred

Mass exodus proportions

Rio de Janeiro fishes

Ahead in the polls

Twenty sixteen Olympics

Might be a stinker

Climate change to blame

Too many fish in the sea

Like men

Most worth throwing back

World in terrible chassis

The Quandary



Is there fur will, yes or no?

a bald dog hollered.

Finger shows telling

ghoulish tales of reading

after dark descends

the staircase bearing scissors:

The Barber of Free Will

Design for Loaf


On days like these…

climb up trees

worship iguana

axolotls go a long way

sometimes wear pyjama


Always remember…

The sound is always

preferable to the furies




Take it easy my fine fellow.

Let the air breathe you.

Cliché-ville in two hours!


requires effort not force,

focus not hocus pocus.

Step outside your omphalos, Carlos.

See the world as same as us.

Anti Political Broadside

Farmer Jones


Manor farm narcolepsy

Soporific chattering classes

Plum voiced gobbledygook

Farmer Jones dismissed

Afternoon of sport

Formula one gymnastics

Garden of earthly delight

Bursts out in force


retting the sun

Three raspberry tulips

Wag antic bulbous splendid

Ice wind defiance

Indoors trembling spectator

Whisper sweet chastisements

At lost sensibilities



One departed Eye

Farted violet nonsenses

Some left for the coast



Because the Night


to Hoover


the Night




hawk wood perilo


Eleven says elevenses

Sparrow hawks zap doves

Avocado scavenger

Swallows down anger

Punches duck egg wall

Black and blue tears well

In anthracite light




a face full of kites & whites

all plot lost to angst

Sorted out my window sill

Nothings mission crept

anguish swept away substance

stupid hat cant rant

House of Teeth beneath

The North face of The Ogre!

Daily melanoma gobshites

West of Eden seething:

bleeding all the way to the tank…




day dawns grey pink crazy haze

dream genie quits bird for bottle

torpid rush hour to Squit City.

slow sleepy jet trails backward.

Solitary blackbird yawns

when you have read this

check top of head for gaps


You just did a pome


Better luck next time








stinks putrefacted

wasted generations follow

anything but


Blonde Table



candle fires livid

evanescent gloaming hour

softening sore eyes

igniting granite spindles

fetch away blue blues

duping day to grey

opaque sketch on pastel

sea horse manes underwater


Dazed & Confused


Thine be the Glory

Fol-de-fol-de-fol- de-rol!

monkeys dressed up jesuits

long-long-long bevor


how sweet it is

to be







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