Lucid Squint

People passing as

quicksilver phosphorescent

clarity begins

at the home where the heart is

passing strangers dissemble

two empty horses

Red Wine and tuna nibbles.

Gaiman on the radio.

Talking in haiku.

Mind cavalcades notions.

Cascades masquerades.

New ways with old plays.

Fleshing out small characters.

Through dialogue they emerge.

Themes will reveal themselves.

Who is Pal Joey?

Provide a setting.

Let it roll, baby.

All night long.

Majority Report


Poor law guardian

monster of deformity

what’s not wrong with you?

pillars crumble too you know

one day it will be your turn

to beg for trifles

and crumbs from your table




Numbers & Money

Balance fiddling & cooking

Who are you kidding?

The algorithm of life

Capital counter transference


Almond Bread


When teeming starlings

And tinned sardines turn as one:

curve, swoop, whorl, vortex, volte face,

swimming wind and tide,

predator and grub driven,

fear and hunger breed

insecurity in numbers

Oyster Cod


Hungry bard

Tub of lard

Ate the Shard

& Gherkin


PC Mod

Lazy sod

Missed him

Caught out shirkin’





A bloody sonnet

dropped by

out of my hat

fancy that

all about evening


poetic license

freedom of formality

incubated nuisances

contort reality

in subversive silences

wild weekend

remind me to put

out the empty milk bottles

sunday evening

A Black Friday Night’s Dream

Farmer Jones

Soft sunken summer

floods me,

gentle silly

zephyrs thrill,

dumbledores bumble

fumble dawdle cruise,

through closed eyes time stops.

Forget this neglected body.

Whisked away off

Upon eternal thermals

Illusions fall unshackled

Mayflies enliven twilight

knowing they only

have just this one perfect day

Midnight Lump


Don green socks:


Burnished gold:

Growing cold

Amber fire:

Warm desire

Purple patch:

Strike a match



Yes, why not indeed

Have a wee toddle,

a wibbly-wobble

down the mazy lane,

plunge bracken scrub,

scrump wild fruit groves,

traverse the waterfall,

crawl gasping up arid scree,

clasp hard the giant beanstalk,

peruse the pristine chili pot,

achieve the cavernous outhouse,

home to venerable shallots,

gargantuan sardonic rats,

cold war veterans,

the battered legless Chippendale,

and Billy Smart’s

unfoldable deckchairs

I Witness


Green balloon plummets

Petrified screeches

Thud, thud, thud, whoosh, bang

We ran toward it

The scene unfolded

Before we knew it

The horse had bolted

Sweet Shop


Twinkle, tinkle

Brittle Jar

Far too full

That’s what you are

Sat up haughty

On the shelf

Playing with

My mental health

Bloody Repeats


He threw the telly out the window.

No glass broke.

It was a silent defenestration

The volume was muted.

The dog ran out for a keek,

to see if there was anything

behind the adverts

and returned unsated

with some gaudy wires

tangled up in his copious locks.



She walks in duty


Breaking wind

When no one else can hear

Just like the queen does

zero hours

slam door thud silence

frantic lunchtime microwaves

hard working people

Known Unknowns


Surreal unplumbed sink

turns copious wonderbra

in dusky daylight

copious wormwood scrubs up

well after bubble bursts


Pink slate Pentecost

Meeting on Friday breakfast

Computer mordant

Housing frenzy in the way

Shite shite weather change bed fish

Wee Timorous Beastie

Small dollop of lentil stew…

Cringeful Pentagon

Enter Dr Strangelove

The middle east is

A big bunker full

Of oil and Arabs

White Rasta

Dog no dinna

Ickle bit thinna

Sickle skinna


Rich got fatta

You don’t matta


Carry on screamin

Dreamin up


Suddenly Last Summer

Like the Bugler said:

‘In this crazy mixed up world

you are only as

good as

your last post.’


Walk behind people

Contemplate unique movements

Become a stalker

Use your five & country sense

Beware of shadow stepping

avoid detection

maintain total vigilance

most of all

always be Alert

your country needs you

Day of the Hedgehog

On a number one

Clinkers glow after riddling

Cheer up buttercup

Quadruple Eumonia

Ugly dreams cuckold wrecked bed

Belfast Sink

I smoked some grave ass

Damaged the thick glass

Of my cartoon eye lash

So did Gunter Grass

He was good, dontya thinks?

knifing slivery eelsguts

in a Kitchen Sink

Crap Ideas








Most Peculiar Twelvemonth

Barney wags its tail

Immediately aware

Good dog got bad name

Chance of snowfall further south

Undercarriage dandruff fleets

Breezily past window

Blowin all away

In the windy wind

The Mork & Mindy wind

Most peculiar twelvemonth

A Season in Hell

Your Pleistocene


Claggy bowls of crap snacks

Shadow musk


Sticky yuck tissue goober

Fetch tabloid and

The world’s your  only

Oyster flannel wipe


I am a smartphone

Preparing for upgrading

When you press return

RIP Cynthia Paine


Farwell then

Madame Sinn

As you were

To The Sunn

My mate Keith

called you


Because you were

Nice to him


Very Nice

Cat Found in Road Dead

Everything is blog

Post it immediately

Editing is dead

End of time for reflection

Winter Palace mirrors purr


past caring


sucked on fun

luscious lime

glamour glugged

some rotgut rouge.

Showered swell

pink fleshy stockades

at some considerate length


I rest afresh.


a sickly pineapple

courting  understanding


Thick   primeval soup,

teeming in Amphibia,

living breathing gloop

Before the flood one could trudge

to Antwerp for ambrosia

From Here to Insanity

Black and White Movies

Starring Edward G Robinson

And Loretta Young

Orson Welles’ left eyebrow

Looking up mischievously

Real escapism

Involves tranquility

Not crash bang wallop

Last night someone bombed Paris

Giving up their lives so fast

In the splicing of an eye

Death is Universal

So is the truth

& the Movie Studio


Was that any good?

Too staccato and wooden…

like glockenspiel?

No more hollower

A piccolo then?

Kiss at this juncture

Not so Tweety-Pie

Perhaps a bassoon?

Gerraway with you!

Pour Fredric Martin

No fresh bread today

Conflict is contradiction

Only baby Boum-ers!

Quick & Easy times

Like a slice exploded

Armless in Gaza

Dick Whittington’s Cat

After the Lord Mayor’s show

Back to mine for sandwiches

Still keeps on raining

Time to get lost in a book

Finish the plonk

Sleep one off


Dinkus strummed some
Untamed melody
As flying fishes
Play on Andover beach
Couch casting &
Shadow wrestling
Modus vivendi

Modus Vivendi

The day turns on the

next pristine  fifteen minutes

will he or will she not come?

I have just unlocked the door,

fetched out an empty,

brought in the milk.

It is very windy and

the sky threatens rain.

Things such as that deter unnecessary travel.

Four minutes to eleven.

Looks like a no show.

Make alternative arrangements.

Change tack.

Map out a new course.

A new modus vivendi.

Shadow Wrestling

Words can

not describe

Quite what it feels like

on those occasions

When you’re lost for words

But do

not worry


not a problem

as long as you know

what it is

that you mean

Does it?


Casting Couch

Did Theda Bara

don a paste tiara

to be the star

of Cleopatra?

untamed malady

cleaned up The Galley

put on The Dinner

(good name for a band)

midday sun muddling

themes & notions

earplugs or upstairs?

food overruns fantasy

sigh day afternoon.

what is going on?

circling nitpickers


…fresh as a quasar,

bright as a futon,

blue as a cherry,

wind blows like cotton,

greener than onions,

khaki  bronze tresses,

harpsichord pluckers,

flute canneloni,

viola chaffinch,

tumbril sonata,

quicksilver sanctum,

mad crimson pagoda,

orangery windows,

glow like a gloworm,

nub of the butter …

On Andover Beach

The sole aren’t biting today,

taking the meagre bait

of rehashed borrowed matter.

Must have better things to do

like sleep or almost

anything else permissible.

The swarming free world

of competing distractions.

Fleets of flights of fancy.

Origami necromancy.

Bat on ball or do fuck all.

Have a weep or have a ball.

All that is within your power.

Within your sphere of influence.

Just go and explore!


Not that one…

Flying Fishes Play

Aspidistra dashed

Off out immediately

Pressing engagement

Previously flagged up

On the road to Mandalay

Scary Old Sketchbook

Pallid wan shrouded

Lucid nacreous calico

Cauled mirrored fetch

Spectral living ghosts emerge

Perusing your back pages

The Ganger’s Shout

Hard working people

Trying hard to make ends meet

Sleep in uniform

Between one and zero hours

One eye open

One ear cocked

Hanging on the Ganger’s Shout


Edge of desert

at a crossroads

break of day:

blue sky

black road

yellow land…


shaking hands

with Henderson,

saying thanks


for the truck ride:

three days

back now

still here.


Word came of a train

Train never came,

delayed by grain


delayed by

open heart



Toucan dismayed


sorry heavy head:

cracked yellow beak


dismal eyes


jet black feathers.


gleaming after

morning preening:



Acute hearing

Jungle or desert canopy.

Adaptable toucan.

Sleeping penguins

dream of krill.


pungent lavender

five giant

clay pots

on the windowsill

casting white



The Big Flop Cometh

sultry swoon clement

swell warm air

azores succouring

up before arctic

howlers take over the reins

harry on the darkening days

counting down before

The Big Flop

All that Fall


mighty oak trees

little green acorns


To Wilf & The Pals

Late on parade today

(Big night at the Senokot)

finds one knelt on

Selfless selfish knees

exposed to the elements

undaunted by a Portland Stone


Tautological claptrap some say

There might be something in it

So I thought genuflecting

Before St Wilfred

Another Unknown



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