‘Shake dreams from you pretty hair my sweet one choose the day choose the sign of your day…the day’s divinity
First thing you see a vast radiant blue beach in a cool jewelled moon
Naked scrupled women call us from the far shore
Though we are snug in the cotton wool of infancy
First thing you see
Forget the night
Live with us in forests of azure
Meagre food for souls for
I’m telling you this
No eternal reward will forgive us now
For wasting the dawn…’


Sweet FA

All of us are characters
In our own twisted way
You are in my book
I am in yours
Whether we like it or not
What a terrible thing to read
Unreliable narrators
All spouting about
Fuck All

Pru’s Frock

helicopters come
and go

sea king

Willy Wonga

Grote expeditions
Jallop vendor charlatan
Crystal gondolier
Heebie-Jeebie aitch dropper
Or wright jon gotta new sofa
Haroun dan random ragga bush
Der ragout meister rant



not got lost
in a book since


lost in you

Eyelash in Gaza

Mews hazed Jardiniere, rowan dappled sunlit perch,
barefoot pads patchy lawn,

jasmin somehow here sprinkles clear air act must
to musk. Whatever happened

Monday seems an age ago, time is a mystery
Lost on those ghost days

Fate spills coffee beans, kneeling aggrieved hard done by,
monstrous invasion offside,

privacy and all that J a s s — Favourite time I’ll be there
River willow smirks, snig-grr

Not on your nelly smelly Change the sheets to seagulls
impugning military/industrial complexion

Get out of it fly Not that I would ever harm a hair on its…
Still bloody stuck inside again


today the earth
still but instead of falling
people just fell out


Get sane stay clean day
Overcast moggy groggy
Soggy muggy fug
Smells like old stale basting tray…
fallow state chides grunts dunnoes
dawn eyes droop on midnight train
Garden purged post dunnock frenzy
Swathes sweep across fecund grass
Metal clangers brute repairman
Delighted flirty banter rings out
How amusing can it get?

gnomes run amok

Savage undergrowth dwarfs
Who wrung chicken’s
Mangled worzels
Hid clues
In shoes

Salubrious liquid
Oozes unguent
Sappers wallow
In blue
Glue tubes

Molasses adulate
Overload corn stooks
Wimples dribble
Down green
Baked beans

Worm Said

Unfit for human consumption, mistah dabbler you betcha
bottom dollarbill

ticklish extraordinary little coughs, tell tale trails of larkspittle
crimson pupils
crown the worm

still as rocky rock rises diminished, denuded by bladderwrack
slime soft ambergris

hermit crabs rule cold rooster rockpools, anaemic fledglings
waive misrule cheerio

tidal affairs of men and marble, happy little dirges, slip shift
back to where they once so long ago



Farmer Jones

Forked the lawn today
Half-hearted fat man in straw hat
Alas poor Yorick
Always take the stairs upstairs
Even in stilettos
North face of the Eiger down
Ten twenty thirty
Forty fifty…soon adds up
Awesome hill of beans
Ten thousand spoonfuls
Fifty-seven varieties
Molehills breed mountains

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tao mein

Early come-ins &
go-ins at no.13
in da nay bore hood
sumer is a goin’ out
exit the cuckold


There drifts another dreamer,soft headed ne’er-do-well
Sitting close to Budhha, pussy’s fond farewell…

wrung out the bowels from an old dishrag: there’s a riot going on down in slough-
who needs yesterday’s diapers?

nobodaddy in da world inflammation strangles up my mind: diet exercises customs proffer cure for life again big pharma

aphrodite looking flighty in her nightie induces instant korma: suture  strangles up my mind your step on the way out

dere moving the shard for corporate malice: mr magoo went down on malice & is now detained at monstrosity’s leisure


Axis: Clear as Mud

A polar indifference
To current affairs pervades
This sunny afternoon
Opposites repel invaders
Gadflies paddle in cold custard
Jam dollops glee on glum
half-disposed dictators

South by South-East

‘tis an outside day today – green bin
Could bring the ‘contraption’ with
before or after
sausage extravaganza?
There’s a conundrum
Or a paradigm shifting
furniture about again
Bloody paraphernalia
Always in the way of stuff
Mull it over with the Bruce

Went out for a wee-one
Beside the haemorrhage spot
Minus ‘contraption’
Chinooks flying low
Shocking pinko crop-duster
Airborne muckspreader
Spots on our apples

She Said

Surprise visitor!
Ginger Rogers fresh from heaven
knock me down with a feather boa

give us a twirl then luv
‘aren’t you going to ask me?’, she said
Ask you what I close upped

Strong silent typography
‘How does it feels to be dead?’
She thinks I’m Peter Fonda

Poor love goddess,
They all go a bit
Sunset Boulevard

I give her my father’s best side
And flash the trademark
well-upholstered teeth

she smiled knowingly
We parted on the best of terms
It had not always
been like that…in fact never
quite like this before

Glower Power



Rolling around weighing up the options for the next phase?
Life is what happens when you are making other plans

So you like pith then
Are you buying or selling?

online depersonalization bureaucracy rears its ugly head
academic qualification or hiding behind mummy’s skirts throwing stones from the long grass?

Be brutally honest. Crap at deadlines and references, useless file organizer, prone to rage and self-destructive fugues.

Would Tai chi & yoga not be better for you?
Are you a glutton for punishment, trial by ordeal, the futile fight unto the death of all hope.

Yes, most of the time
A glutton for punishment then?
A glutton full stop.

Do not publish this even when the urge to fill the void is huge
Anything to avoid a haircut and a shower

Have another cigarette…
I shouldn’t really

Why do anything anyway?
Your crap at life let’s face it.

Suppose so…

It’s all on the internet anyway if you really want or need to know

Better to get out more, meet new people to glower at
Yea, Glower Power—sounds catchy




stated long term vow
Snapshot: lifetime selfie
Faces gurn: It’s moi!
madding crowds turn volte face
outstanding dream sequences
unnatural beauty looks
down on friends & family
stoical indifference gloats


Breakfast at Myfanwy’s


Moses, Moses, holy Moses!

A turn up for the books.

Four quick glances

an element of surprise.

An intriguing risk demonised.

I think of you all the time, she said.

Puking in her handbag.

That’s some love poem


My eyes are clouded over with self-deceit,

these words are redolent of feet

that walked proud as punch,

no more for now,

no more,

the crunch

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Perhaps the radio can see
who the ocean has reclaimed
this gusty Sunday
Less a numbers game
than prurient derision
Smug as a bug on a drug
Neon hordes festoon seasides
Find macabre pokemon
Washed up after sated fish
Gold, silver and bronzed
Load up on food for thought
Leftovers after feeding frenzies
Fake it as it comes
Feel no love for humankind
Only mild revulsion
Jockeying for possession

King of the Swineherds



Give me a groat and I’ll emote on hope and faith, and craic

Should you not meet me on the way, you can on the way back

From hollow land and silly land, to form and sound, and black

The song you hear will be our own and never will shirk or jack

Too good to be true, too simple to work, you say inside your head

That tapping on the roof you hear, is rhapsody robbing the lead.

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Malle de Mer

Well we are where we are at
My fellow desperados
Not a penny to our names
Parchment turning yellow
Instant gratification
Atomic & unclear age
Much in need of renewal
Thunderbirds are gone
Message reads:
Au revoir Mes Enfants

Wild White Horses

Sensible brown shoes
Contemplate retirement
Live now pay later
It’s a wonderful lifeboat
Gigantic white horses
Full force gale blows crazy
Fisherman lost all at sea

Fate pops by

Gameshow Host

blue murder is an option
vaguer notions involve plenty
mississippi mud pie
sanguinity & toast
underwater table tennis
constitutes just one
ding that springs to mind
also: mend s l o w puncture
synchronized slumming it
keeps the blighters off the streets
after pilates & fries
fleas and mice of the Caribbean
Prance in light elastic pumps
or bristle with shaven ravens
tipping away at venality
between long wet slogs
through warm soft tissue
then we all fall round gurgling
gambolling precociously with
lamb’s toothy daughter
Caroline of Brunswick
Who breaks into a piggy bank
& scoffs the Hottentot of it
Up shat creak without a Piddle
Wherein which we whet the wall
A chemical imbalance
In the Fred Astaire’s of men
My Lord is a ram jam toerag
Supinating pimply puss pot
Leaving droppings on the pantry floor
No wriggle room here to let to
Blackdog Irish ne’erdowells
So when in Go do as the Gonads
Spread a little body mass
As you doze on cheese on toast
The everso dumbed down games
Rumble to a disclosure
lack of twinkly anoraks
Thubron & Thubron Ltd
Quality prophylactics
To the monarchy
Since last I could be arsed



how’s the old voice sounding these days—
seems like ages since wanton
plaintive baritones pained
airwaves crooning broken trysts
confessing craven intrigues
hawking well odd blatant symbols
parody and downright awful yells—
when is the new album coming out
some say the best month is May
when hopes grow lofty
and memories listless
curious to see who made it through tonight

Sleep off Reason

Quite like Eliot’s Hollow Men
neither impressed nor depressed just pressed
Psst (confidence follows):
a giant ravenous fly eschews flesh
an impecunious hero
it’s yellow
leaves it clear
up to future generations
Heads full of straw, or, as the wiseacre put it:
“Full of shit and twigs”
How I laughed out loud when that first I heard
“…nobody does it sweater
makes me feel sad for the vest”
sad when sequels disappoint
that’s why you have them
like sloppy seconds

Naff Reunion



All near misses

Bashful kisses

Meet the missus

How’s your father?

Have a lager





How’s your karma



Croft on Orkney

Me and Daphne

Up a gum tree

Sad conclusion

Dead illusion


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Good, that stopped the table wobbling!

Went out for a quiet garden moment,

just as I was warming in the soft sun

of early autumn, the army commenced

lawnmower war next door. Disappointed my

plans were scuppered, but undeterred to gain

nothing from my venture, I fetched the washing

from the line and back indoors, though failing

to spur the idle into action, I

consoled myself with the thought of green socks.

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…educated right hand
toyed with me but briefly
before easily putting me down
with a dismissive squib
and a scintillating boat
hook that landed me sparko
on the seat of my scruples
— did not see what that was
coming for the life of me…
anyways flattened him good
in the third with a lusty
left upper ignoramus
wiped the smarm off
his valentine in a jiff it did…

Exterior: Cake Out in Rain

A walk through
MacArthur Park
Turned out
quite contrary to
all popular opinion
which I assiduously
some have said ‘blindly’
follow like a shop
or sometimes a sheep
in a stripy pair of panties

Water Hazard

Picnic? In your dream scenes
(caution:flies & spillages);

raging thirst (wonder why not)
Glot to get out of this plaice

(socks, shoes, & some means of transport?)
Forthcoming events – domestic drudgery,
tease skunk in garden, stir molten corned beef porridge…

Acolytes Contemplate cod
and all its meagre trimmings
swim in myrtle oceans deep

Dunnock patrol sweeps
up the lawn prior to snotty
entrance of the Queen of Sheba

Gormless positivity crowds some punters out
Embed Jasper stone in troubled forehead
Brecciated third eye squints

Mineral deficiency remedy
Fizzes in blue silica
Uncle of the bride makes wind

A virtuous thermal is born
Magic lurks in fits and starts
Fragile as dovecote earrings

Pageboys scatter ricicles on tympani
Jerry built for doom and duplicity
loathsome mother superior stalks our every move

Dove henpecks petrified garden gnome
but then it is Wednesday
after all is said: undone

Chin Ups

Ablute! Richard coeur de lyonnaise
Came the resounding holler round Trifels

Couldn’t find the bugger in his imperial dunny
Maybe up on the battlements soaking up some Rays

Frei korpor kulturekampfires burnt to a cinder
Excessive bandits strew the bonefeast

Cough up soon or the despot cops it
Stamped addressed envelope marked ‘Return to Zenda’

Homeland security department
Black hills of Dakota DC 3C

Pack animals rain down from the skylight
Ord Windgate’s up to his old tricks

Be upstairs ready my angel
A deceptive easy code to break

From Our Own Correspondent

Tuesday tunic: middle August, middle Earth…
Golden dawn, drowsy ursine shadows play it doggo

Down In Drongo-Drongoland

Graeco-Roman holds Cricklewood gripped by the wee small ones
History by the shed load made down the bomb farm

Skin needs tender loving care provider
Ratty old ladies don’t pay lip service

Down In Drongo-Drongoland

Acacia tabernacle robbed by yobs to tooth fairy
Radical solitaire Basho getting underway

old leaves turning brown as phenomenal berries
bunch to bear bitter winter fruit

lose the race as eight bells ring
seven got knocked out

Down In Drongo-Drongoland


angel got in today
sleeping one off again
it’s sometimes difficult to watch
stuff allover like that
going on under your nose
perhaps a modest
adjustment of the necklace
something might occur

Twenty-Four Hour Smarty People

Through windows open
Watch Rio Garden City site
Cut a dashing figure—
actual bodily harm
innocent bystander
Sabre toothed tyger startled
By low flying drone
Preserve endangered species
At her majesty’s pleasure
Incarcerated down
The Museum of the Future
Just for posterity you understand
Slurs well with prosperity
Favella lingua franca
Treely & rurally
Also sprach Nuncle Stanley
After a crate of Brown Ale


Art house debacle closes overnight
Director of deaths & entrances arrives late to the party

Black as samurai over garments rustle like tin foil
Hair tied up in funny chive like bunches fasten with ligature

Very red lip gloss looking like a proper tart I suppose
Otherwise a sleep of reason during cool radio silence

Blue cloudless sky, wall to wall sunshine, could be a nice one out.
Milkman been and gone—cryptic hint found on doorstep.

Cars away to work possibly containing earwigs,
kettle recently boiled, supreme court ruling at leisure

open the window & let in the sun for a bite to eat
Opened a new consignment of ecstasy: filter got a goodish three scoops

Heading for the Prose Coast by the look of the lie of the concertina
loosen up a little timber by the shed on the approach
That bloody editor looking over my shoulder is giving me the pip.
Very wet grass from overeager sprinkling oeuvre.

Where do you think we are—Palm Springs?
Guzzling gas and water like it’s going out of fashion.

During the golden years of American capitalism,
late nineteen fifties and early sixties,

before the rot set in, that was what you did you schmuck.
Pleasant Valley Sunday out here in status symbol land

(Jerry Goffin & Carole King or was it already too late?)
Maybe an old one gathering dust

Small Brown Loaf

Small minded? Mind made small, caged in, malnourished, smirched, lank
The loop games slept through last night until the nocturnal screamer started up

Broods and modest flocks peruse the evidence with fine-toothed combs, displaying unnatural penchant for forensic deduction

Pole cats who think big rarely make it
The tell tale signs of cupidity give rise to cause for concern

Flawed methodology must never be ruled out
Make sure when you smash it you give it one hundred and ten per cent

Leave all of it out there on the track
Always be mindful of sunken corduroy turnpikes

Spoilt for choice at the postern gate
Never yield to incessant misfortune

Nearly time to scratch your forearms blackberrying
When was that time the toad winked back?


Let the pen run free
Meliloquent sirens lilt
Hypnotic chase codes
Echoes rumble orange toned
Heads turning smile recondite
While synchronising watches
Windmills lurch to life


it was a good job
that we Donut give a damn
you know what i mean?


Henry the Ninth


henry flower


The inevitable meeting of the moo-cows and the bin has happened. Screams of delight, grunts of animal abandon, and a great rustling of toddlers in garbage broke Henry’s morning trance.

‘It was causally determined, given the recent state of the roads and the nagging persistence of tardiness among the idiot classes.’

‘Idiot classes? I bid you enlighten me’, inquired a Tudor Nobby, laying aside his lute.

‘Everyone but us, young Nod!’

They laughed heartily and quaffed down goblets of blood red blood.

‘Morrow is the skinning of the Sinister Eyeballs, Sire.’

‘Tis, by Splurge, Noddy-doodle-dude! So heavy on the prune tincture, what say you’

‘By March Hare’s Day, your dreams of the home made black pudding will be realised.’

‘Indeed, you poor stooge. Indeed’

Bodies and domestic waste filled the Cut.

There was not another collection for two weeks.

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Bad rubbish goodbye
Never no good at it ever
Stare out plush hearthrug
Such sweet sweet sorrow
(Axminster willow pattern
coolie on rickety bridge)
Observe the niceties now
Wistful sly shy smiles
Get what I mean—no?
Take your hands out of my hair
Wipe off that ghastly

Words don’t come my way
‘goo-goo ga-ga…tee-hee, aargh’
Is that the time already?
Smash hideous accidental vase
Water and flowers splosh
Vandalise bucolia
Salt, white wine vinegar
Soon be as right as rain
Now’s your chance to scarper


I, economist

University professor
Smote myself to sleep
Bread and egos, rashers
Puddings: sweet (leukaemic) white
& bitter (bulls brown)
Give Blood!
Quantative teasing
Tickle till you drop I will
Fingers crossed behind my back

was i just? kidding

Prandial Snooze



Our Zero is back.

Huzzah, huzzah…

Back triumphantly from Nodl,

festooned with laurels,


smelling of spring fresh mint and lavender thongs.

– Have a cigar!

– Thunk yew muchly…

Don’t tow:


Wish like new comer: wash like an old comer

…say lurvee, say lurgair.

Life’s so unfair.

Weeps lots.


coffee two.

Get down, hep kat!

Pickled pumpkin head in a Pipkin!

Whatever will they think of nexty next…

jugged hair, lungs tongues in arsenic, potted wimp?

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Quiz Me

I think

blue train 





(E r u pt 


Twenty Flight Knock

Joan Littlewood


She came in

through the bathroom window,

crept across the

bathroom floor,

glanced into the bathroom


slipped out through the

bathroom door

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3rd degree purdah


—times like this when it all sucks—


Crumbling aqueducts

never fail to catch the eye

Of the beholder


Hang on a minute

It’s Wednesday afternoon!

 No-one really gives a shit

excepting those poor souls with

verbal diarrhoea

who just go on and

on and on and

on and on…

and on





Fly asleep on screen

Awaiting rude awakening

Slow motion replay

‘sport’—that’s what they call it now

When you call the aerodrome

Zero hour contracts you see

Just in time delivery

flies are not to blame

Just making a crust

Getting on my tits


Quills ‘r’Us

Experimental handwriting

Oft takes me out of myself

Fearing the future

Lost in the past

Stuck in the present

Being harassed


Four Knocks



Anchor cleaning: orders of the day.

Not too windy to drift.

Up after dog watch thinking on the charts.

Took a row across the harbour.

Thought about the little snob I was; how I hated them,

not for what they were,

but what they had to become…

Oedipus was a rich kid, so was Little Hans.

Give them a chance not a choice, a chance to be like you, boss?

No thanks, I couldn’t handle it.

Not this way.

I drift…

…away off down to the cabin is where I drift

to and thereafter, the galley for thick, honey porridge,

with rustic ripped banana hunks and chocolate in stick and heart form.

Feeling a queer unease I patient on the thick, night green socks, intake a Handel

organ frill, damn the rococo, and headaloft thinking gothic tea cozies, shaking violently with warps,

sucking crumbs of welshcake from the hidden gulleys…

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Raspberry Ripple

Good golly drop

ice lollypop
a superfluity of rebel-rebels 

spoils it for 

Bloody raspberry ripples
how so they wibble-wobble
pink syrup stains
alchemised greaved cnemis 
don a sock on it, Slobbo

conceal your extensions good or malign
will you?
restrict  sticky trickledown effect

silence is molten
like ice & fire

it burns



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