Wiggle Room



as chance would have it
thick tar cable does
the job of a horizon, shut your
left eye everso tight

and you

can frame
it all in just one go

elongated myopic oblong
careful to include twigs
close attention to detail-
bare rowan twigs,
fragile faith in the lawn

of unforeseen consequences

mildew gilded boughs,
enlightenment infant sun,
bronzed and crystal clear.
The winter berries perished
in the spring storms,
rats got eaten up

by cold-hearted old stock doves,
or washed down weedy culverts
flapping about yelling in vain
like sink spiders floundering
in numinous U-bends
under sinks
all over the unknowable

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Harlekan Tears


The noose was too loose; the trap door stuck.
‘Lydia Steptoe, you are, by dint of serendipity, free to roam the earth, jejune and fancy free’
The voice removed the sack. It was Mr Kipling.
‘James Hayter?’
‘None other’ said James Hayter, glowing with avuncular warmth
‘Are you pulling my leg?’ said Lydia.
‘No, dear lady. The rules are clear as almond slices. Now off you trot, and sorry for the cock-up.’
Hayter doffed his manky indigo topper and indicated the door marked ‘Exit’
The lights went orange. The cluster of onlookers began to hop on their right legs. Lydia stepped down from the rickety scaffold and scuttled toward the door. Before pushing the bar she turned
‘For what was I condemned to hang, James Hayter?’
‘Wasting court time with mediocre card tricks’
‘Seems a bit harsh’, she thought nodding mock penitence

Outside it was dark. The cathedral bell…

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Eight six five crackles
Hot charcoal stumps spit fire
Occasional scowls
Just about sums it all up
Must have slipped away last night

Morph Up

when bodies change by
factories beyond control
Lucky Generals
Get off Scot Free with Murdo
Turdrum, outcome tax
Doomsday bookies may snigger
Cool bulging obese hipsters

smoothies (mind-mop)



…fall Rain strawberry Rainbow
Midsummery night dream Fruitcup
blitz UP strawberry moon juice nice
drenches tense empurlpled Wrenches
spring’s offensive flourish nascent lulls
leaves droop drip tremble crepid–
such things  I saw in

a certain cure for summer flood

oil on wrinkly water

The Pelican’s rigged
moored up gangplank quakers
smooth & clipped & trimmed:

Larboard leans a dandy cove

barbered, oiled, manicured, pinked
crimped dripping trinkets whistling

Lydia, Oh Lydia! You Encyclopedia

rippled woollen topiary
A king size poodle shivers-
Freshly cropped powder monkeys,
by the
same name:

(plaintive howl, stones-throw yelp on bubbly shoreline, middle-distant sprinter spurts)

Pristine crimson one piece suit flashed jagged:

Past green orange writhing blip




Cyril Sloth ate all

through the tempest

spanking the panes,

whipping the shrubs,

wiping the eyes of

Sussex and Cypress

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The Enigma Mode:


2 66 15.jpg

Self pitied Plumbers

do not find



when your trousers


the chips


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Morseless rain all morning,

Steady persistent, ruthless, insistent,

Yet sometimes relenting

snide off-pisser.


We Diggers curse this argent,

quick drip liquid,

call it a gluttonous mire hawker

(and sometimes worse)


Plangent noon sun stops play.

An early lunch and cribbage

Approaches from the West.

As Buddha flies over the cuckoo’s nest.

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Cloud cover.

giggle of spoon

on plate.

Dishing up dinner.

Smells sound

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wind rustles lilac

wind tickles leaves

wind slams door

wind will


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I flEd,

I saW;

I blundered…



(light bulb: thick cable)





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Sordid Moss Pots



Slipshod throwaway
Chewing gum sticks to soles
Performance inhibitor
Callous sabotage
Of what once was promising
Mobility cops the blame
Not incompetence
Completely lacking talent
Or application
Focussing on task before
Cart precedes the horse…
moan, loan,own epidemic
distracts captive audience
Compulsory fear & loathing
Turns the upside down
& the downside up
repugnant sticky fungus

World News Update



Culpability, imbalance, the dreaded lurgy stalks the porchway, the hamster hutch, the arboretum, and blunt spikes inbetween; night violates day with bags of murk and lovage

Indubitably, it calls itself Monday, brimful with sullen, clumsy passion worthy of a bread poultice infused with watery French mustard, limp alfalfa and toadstool

Tedium is just a damp blanket on a burnt out chip pan, a brisk riddling with formaldehyde never fails to yield staggering exultation at such junctures

Zoroaster caught herpes off a loathsome vet this day in nine sixty seven, the news when leaked by the skivvies, met with scant compassion

Axolotl harvest late due to line maintenance in the eucalyptus groves of transcendent Hobart-on-Sea

The best things in life are prohibitively expensive due to a series of botched algorithms, a perfect storm, and the bells of St Clement Danes

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Bomblast on commuter train
Preoccupied with crosswords
Said in spite seven letters
Eighteen down sixth letter P
Keep thinking contempt
But it doesn’t work unless
Intelligence is doubtful




Slice up the orange

segments on…

aluminium sink top

undulant altarpiece

Orange offering

A savant of the rite

wipes rustic

ludic breadknife

serrates thick zest

splices pith, quartiles

flesh in succulent




gum shields

skin & pith intact

snaffled up cutish

tense borne by bent paw

over caustic chasm

Sure chariot passes

Imperious, regal, sublime

Sedate above vile

sundry understuffs:

Abysmal  unmentionables,

Microbial, teeming rakes

Gyrating about the obscene floor

one of my heads in

bindweed, strangulating

taut shoelace gristle,

fleet heat seeking

missile, destination

amygdala sun spot

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purgatory close



In a
venerable brogue
a warbler from  the threshold uttered:

‘Mornin has nine—Gingerman gone ’
‘No! not JP Dun Laorghaire?’
‘No! JP Donleavy’…

& so thus was made good a verbal contract
struck whilst missing a late night movie

made about the Kray Twins
to inform, educate & entertain
& fulfill the Charter of the Landed Pantisocracy—
Small sacrifice under such
circumstance methunks.
To leave one’s notes copious
abandoned to awake

irksome hostages
to outrageous misfortune
of Birthplace and/or origin                                                                                                     squander waking hours
reinforcing time out shifts
lost down purgatory close

A Funny Turn


Magnesium sulphate, Dear

To rouse you from the torpor?

Salt of Epsom Downs

Mined by horny-handed sons

Of merchant bankers

& dowager duchesses

On sabbatical

From badger baiting

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Theres a celibate sun
On the dry

Trim Jim!
Clip your beard
Am I being heared
Or merely weird

What the Funken Garden Said

Please, I compost you,
Enrych my life!

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Lay down and…



Don’t think of England

America’s dutiful poodle

Europe’s rescue dog

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Paigan Knees Up



Elusive killer bought red herring —swiping opening lines inspire one two twilight mockery—uptown slums drip dry quickest claims umbrella on landing—Fingal’s Cave harbours secrets of the deep—Magnificent Ambersons spotted in Vermouth: third man detained in custard pie—concentric glass bowls pull no punches—forty percent lead found in jump jockey—cross incontinents are best avoided, advise miffed valleys—all art is open late weekends—astonished spectator poleaxed by rogue feather—Maupassant? There’s more in the larder—dreamboats slide silent gravy — two knights rain drenched parley clears bad air — fish fly flags of convenience— jettisoned pipedreams mutter obscenities— label absurd ditties poppycock says spatula minor—have faith in feet or you fall—every step a trip denied—whippers into pidgin holies—miffed I could have muffed it— eye not found on ball—daisily in dark kept—didgeridoos at dawn it is— insist on satisfaction—get rum


aftermath fall out heavy bleed—how heart estranged from freedom excited is —neigh terrifies suspends horse sense—beggars disbelief— roll on part: flexible hours; okay pay—nothing left to lose but loss itself: free food, need photo (portfolio)·roll offpart-time life—study Metamorphoses—Not written much this week — saddo riptide hits have surged—now why would that be?—No wiser come noon—took a path less partaken—Once bitten get fly —What’s going on here? Sunday afternoon telly—repeat: War & Peace with Duno—who? —Dunno—never heard of her —spoke slurs with venerable Aunt— on the mend from a bad dose —C Aubrey Scott pops by with a lamb bone intended for the dog: confiscated contraband — lethal fear for quadropeds—& while you’re at it: spatchcock chicken apart at two —all of this while resting between random body parts —Borodinner from Tolstoyevsky—plushly furbished dinnerfest—sly retiring flowerpot—minimalist orifice: set for quail not swan—technicolour yawn guaranteed come Minsk



Moon in the morning
ticks all boxes
chevrons heading west pick up
fellow migrants on the way
in fresh waves
Open window policy pays off
in the long room
Silver and black
Stretched tight as teepees
Blues complete retreat
Alpine hatted pointy heads
Nod in anticipation

Peach Coma (Irmageddon out of Here)

Pig driftwood luncheon
swoon come three circadian
thyme calypso champ

Long weekend in Dorset grove
short change is good as arrest
all work no play due to rain
mystery fellow traveller:
—have we met before she said
—one unforgettable once
I say I can’t remember
play it cool as fever pitch
that which I walk in shadow
of in sunless dreams—staggered
up and down the garden path
prodding wet red leaves                                                                                                                   stepping over puddles
witnessing real life



Vitriolic freak show                                                                                                                       vinagrette rien                                                                                                                                          mixed up salads                                                                                                                                                                            multibask in squalid colanders
& whenever finally oxygen is inhaled

Post Scotch Egg elders
suffer repulsive farts                                                                                                                         waft over hang round
until everybody gets turned to musk
noon smiles down on open windies

Long term weather forecasters
impose Beethoven’s peaks and troughs
over Chopin’s genteel tinkles
—until (as luck would)
chaos put them straight again

poor vittles tickle mighty throats…
For that’s the height & width
scornful avarice erodes brazen
& impulsive hearts
until everybody gets burnt
Go Johnny, Go Johnny
Go in sin & hate
narrate stark schism
Blow by blow by blow
Account & Sea syncopate
Shell fish drown as towels
Of wild derision hoot


Pearl grey day
Sullen basilisk eyed
horse army blanket nihilist
becalmed charcoal sloop
opaque ivory mother
pearl grey day
cryptic spyglasses
monochrome zilch
scattered dead pine needles
litter overgrown seed beds
grey atlantic wall
earl grey clay
amble lost in
nebulous rumination
two shakes of lamb’s tale
crooked shepherds

Mother Worth



See her swinging

Her stark agenda

Brenda the Bonzai

Smoothing lamb

Whistling avocado dips

through Aubergine lips

Punk pastel smoke grey light

Gives cover to vultures

Stuffing pitta pockets

Full to bursting

With faberge nosegays

Others grab shawls for

Obscene daughters

But Brenda

Agenda bender

Mate of Zenda

Stands firm

Gives no truck

Not a tuppenny fuck

To the down by luck

The money lender

Runs begging to Brenda

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Grumblin’ J Babylon (In-Flight Entertainment)



Busy day ahead waiting free grub from the Foodbank— real power gifts a high gluten loaf that nobody in ecstasy  wants
Crap sleep; stuffy room; troubled mind— What will Monday bring? Waddling through Deep Water
picture blue crabs in my pants

Tinkerbell was rightly furious
Cursed her lucky star & turned over to seethe
‘We are sorry to hear
of your miserable existence
and insist you contact a higher authority—
Yours Faithfully, Walt’

Talk to Mickey Mouse himself,
Up close and personal
There might be something doing
Perhaps a letter, a formal request
To talk it over, chew the cud
About them good old days

Before animation came
Stole our childhood anarchy
Collectivised imagination
Personified Vietnam
Through GI Mogli’s Ordeals
In the Jungle Book

Apocalypse Now!
Was just a matter of time
After that pastiche, rehash
Computer generated
post-modest barbie doll trauma



Hard to Handle



Nine hundred light come Friday—
money in whose bank she wonders?
Hedgehog managers
Crunch numbers mulling over
perfect porridge while
Goldilocks sleeps one off
Going over what could not be
Stories of doomed Dianas
In their own intrusive ways

Weigh up Pros and cons
Disciplined Annie
Arian stock found
Auld hobbits hard to break
Brown suede shoe leather satchel
Wonder what was left inside…
Wheelie bins bob up & down
Three pm ritual ball gown
In their own neurotic ways

Second thoughts, naked potatoes
Embarrassed without their jackets
endure Freikorperkultur
deep fat friars
permit this interruption
to make you aware
keep you up to speed
time is running out
taking all hope & the yucca plant
an odd couple you’ll agree
one as mad as the other
in their own fusible ways…


Modus Vivendi



The day turns


fifteen minutes

will he or will she not come?

I have  unlocked the door,

fetched out the crap,

brought in the milk.

It is very windy and

the sky threatens rain.

Things that deter unnecessary travel.

Four minutes to eleven.

Looks like a no show.

Make alternative arrangements.

Change tack.

Map out a new course.

A new modus vivendi.

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when he said to you

whomsoever you may be

feeling nothing much

staring into spaces

resembling going spare rooms

set aside for punishment &

broken suitcases

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Rites of Autumn



Day began in dark

at five with roll-ups

and reheated coffee

radio news of butcher birds,

seasonal badger culls,

the lighting of a candle

forgotten prayers

sea weather prophecies


The light of day found

me playing pinball

biding time for the right

moment to unload

before hard labour

breaking feet in smokey rooms

lurching haplessly

between ashtray and crucible

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Flight of Fancy#56



To thine

own self be

shrew, blue, new, yew, few,

crew, glue, true, Sioux, flu, two…

anything you fancy


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Most Wanton


gorgeous george

Georgie Gargoyle sneers

leers drools pours derision

raining scorn upon

the weak, sick, old, cold,


all the living and the dead

cruel salacious scabious

snooty pogrommer

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Toe & Froe



Back again at just gone ten
after a power breakfast
with Mr Clay, Ms Self, and the Demi-urge.
A frozen garden, a propped
up green wheelbarrow glued
to an icy rotary clothes line.
Frost suspends decay of jungle beanplants.

What else did you see?
Or hear? Or taste? Or touch? Or smell?

Fields in collision, tectonic plates lying shattered,
or just another trad night down the Greeks.
I see.
So thought Inspector Spangle, flicking through
the photos from scenes of crime:
no time, no space, just action
invisible, eternal delight,
energy in a bun dance.
What could be less clear than that?

Yea, housing, phone calls, Victoria Derbyshire…

I know, I know, I know. Stop nagging me!
It’s all work in progress.

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Making the Weather



Here we are at seven-thirty-what’s next my good Pistachio?
Darned if I know Twinkle Toes I feel an urge to casual Urdu
My! How great minds think alike moi an urge to croon Walloon

After a predatory silence a baby entered the selective consciousness
Dispassionately leaving leanings to lopsided ambition aside
A fissure formed which gobbled them up in an instant

A small puppy breezed in through tall idyllic windows
We giggle emptily in slow motion contemplating Dapper Dan
Oi Brother wherefore art thou Gargling Glass?

O how we gargled as if it were to be our last

‘Hear in Texas sure moist out in the rain
Cows gawp atop multipurpose media
When comes Esther Williams Brother
or is it all a pack of lies designed to stop
Hoola-hoopla Wendy Hop,  Hey Bro!’


Hot Club: Tuna




Merryweather wins come ten—
crescent moon upstairs
swaying eucalytus silhouette —
somehow I forgot my name

so how did we sleep alright?
Simples complex dynamic?
Conquest of F=All
(lost Sherpa Tentpole halfway up)

Pylons Ltd—Auden & Nice Mick
Tragic consequence blizzard Venture—
still kept upper lelf stiff
Wanna let it go ‘Boum!’
but simply can’t-can’t—

Hibernian heatwave: Holy unlikely
precautionary tales, ambivalence, myopia—
cognitive indifference gains whiphand
aged big head up to his unusuals—
he read it in a babbling brook

‘You hum it & I’ll…
play it Django! Ran out of gas boys!
Walked back twenty miles I tell yous!
Le Figerio header say:

…Abandoned silver ghost found dead
doors agape on Cypress Avenue

mystery minstrel flees scene—
Gripelli noses: DJ say one
thought that was his Monet’s worth
Mon Dieu! How we slept…’






What would you do if
You could walk a country mile
In risible shoes ?                                                                                                                                                  freedom alone can                                                                               turn worlds upside down

Do not go Mental & with that: ‘Goodnight!’



homelessmanTunnelling through rainbow’s end— gaping at St Finnian’s crock of shite—
pursuing nostalgic martyrdom—repulsive depressive disorder—
put me down: never let me go —
oppress me do oppressor

o pressure sore god help us —
unfamiliar faces scroll back the years of wine brown noses —
grant me discouragement now & at the hour of discharge—
Amen corner bed of stars —
commodores cry Zoot Alors!

feel the pulse of her indoors — fell when pulling on her drawers —
broke her head being a persistent nightmare —
swallow the yellow brick road —
wash it down with chainsaws —
something stirs down dingley dell

a sound of tyres screeching — insecticides in paradise —
quintessential now and then —
improves the yield vindictive seed —
the limpid massive grumbleweed —clogs up arteries
of artificial opiums





when did we stop to matter
we did not stop to matter
we never mattered at all

penniless weavers stare blankly 
upon thread bare looms 
spinning gloomy yarns
recollecting old wives tales
through broken black teeth
exchange wry sardonic smiles
from far beyond a joke
lame wit sidles past
Buenaventura Durutti sports
gaudy cheapo  espadrilles
twisted barbed wire 
& cold dark glasses


Stranger on a Train



I do not fit in with anything today

just passing through with as little fuss,

the bare minimum. Today is not

a day dodging knives and barbs,

rolling under punches,

taking issue large and small,

crucial and otiose

No, today I shall be a rough sketch moving,

a fleshed out notion, a shadow of a familiar

I cannot be bothered to recall.

See, it works – I tried to recall.

It is good to talk when no one’s listening,

just pretending, no revealed or hidden agendas,

no issues to take account of. Hassle free.

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coincidental muesli




NGS Picture ID:1217302

post abstract breakfast
microwave porridge explodes                                                                                                           while washing goolies
well spotted leopard
bananas contribute hope                                                                                                                     shiny see your face in it
black square self portrait hob
grey bronchial oatsnot hails                                                                                                                 rubbery scullery gloop                                                                               spluttery honey globules
scarce golden teardrops

blow crude raspberry fanfares
forget me not sings
dried up chicken thing                                                                                                      menace to  world in top oven
watersplash revivable
for much later on
after blueberry elevenses

Troy Tempest




It is my stingray!

The screams stopped all shopping in earshot.

Mine (assertive).

Mine (plaintive, filling up, wait for it)

…Mine (balling, stamping, screaming).


The law is present, masculine,

portentous and plump.

A strident protest, indeed.

Young fellow, m’lad!

Trespassers will be prosecuted

Whether they like it or not.

Have a pear drop.

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The Glover’s Apprentice



just as I stormed out

(stories of abrupt

departure & failed

reunion make up

this – my stock in trade)

all anguish became

fear & suspicion

(once again the guilt of the

victim who has always had



The only blood spilt

was as ever mine

yet I was in the wrong just as

ever I was before for as

long as I could remember


There were my motives

always questioned and

wistfully approved by those

who held the sway over things

at that particular time…

(to be continued…)

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Sea Gherkin Fugue



…floorsucker  churns, provokes

gaspings and breathings

safe depthiness is spored

making me splutter

like a pudgy, tetchy baby.

This grief hugs me hollow.

fig lungs implode:



& oyster beards

strangle raddled eyes

Blasted by terror

we stare in mirrors

for escape not reflection.

Look there only when

lamp posts resemble fate.

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Kerosene Canopies


Bin Dong

Napalm funburst sunset, oilslick bitter tears

Give way to pork smells, rumbaba, cockatoos

Squawk, rustles of last gasp, reeling tigers,

plangent oozing, floating, clades and phylums

make touching, silken, floating islands.

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On Jung’s Porch



everything comes to

those who can be bothered

 to make the effort

crashed out on Jung’s Porch

gazing up at the upside down

welcome mat above the door

so you’ve got to think

upside down to make it out

Your visions will become clear

only when you can look

into your own heart.

Who looks outside, dreams;

who looks inside, awakes.

– Carl Jung

No matter when a god will come

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Food Bank



A tory most crass, loud, and pompous

Created a row and a rumpus

After saying  the needy

Were lazy and greedy

They ate him with oodles of humus

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Augustus Eve



Mohawk moon bounces
off the back of lamas,
wheat settles down the valley,
faux electric fences snigger,

old farts: new beginnings—
shock of the old gone claggy

all I learnt forgotten now
lanark new lanark biomass
cri de coeur upsets blue crows
conspiracies of silage grow




when he said to you

whomsoever you may be

feeling nothing much

staring into spaces

resembling going spare rooms

set aside for punishment &

broken suitcases


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